Eldritch Limited edition

We offer a special ‘Eldritch Limited Edition Box’! Limited to 100 numbered pieces. The box itself is made of rigid, black cardboard, has a magnetic closure and contains the following items and goodies: *The three-fold digipak CD of ‘Eldritch’ *Two (2!) bottles of special brewed Saille ‘Heller Bock’ beer *A plectrum with Saille logo *A […]

New Lyric Video ‘Eater Of Worlds’

With the release of our new album ‘Eldritch’ imminent, we have unleashed a brand new song and lyric video, ‘Eater Of Worlds’. Watch ‘Eater Of Worlds‘ below Based on the classic horror novel ‘It’, by American author Stephen King, ‘Eater Of Worlds’ is probably the most dynamic song on our forthcoming album. It’s also very […]

Odes to destruction




Saille in Ogham

Sail or Saille is the Irish name of the fourth letter of the Ogham alphabet, meaning “willow”.
Pronunciation : [sahl-yeh]


Saille is a self-defined epic black metal band consistently incorporating real classical instruments (e.g. cello, violin, cornet, trumpet, euphonium, grand piano, hobo) into their compositions.

Lyrically Saille handles ‘the fearful, the uncanny and the weird’. On earlier releases: Death rites and Forces of Nature.


Saille was founded by Dries Gaerdelen [keyboards] in 2009. He entered the studio with the sole intention to record his compositions (melodic black metal with a threatening feel, like Tartaros, Limbonic Art and Keep of Kalessin). The collaboration with Jonathan Vanderwal [guitars/vocals] was a logical result of a longstanding cooperation in their previous band Mortifer. Filip Dupont of Gorath participated in this project writing the lyrics and Gert Monden of In-Quest was hired for drumming on the album.

‘Irreversible Decay’ °2011

The recordings for the debut album ‘Irreversible Decay’ started at the end of 2009. During these sessions Reinier Schenk [guitar] was added to the band’s line-up. The accompaniment of a number of classically trained musicians caused the sessions to be spread over several months The album was finalized in September 2010. After contacting several labels, Saille chose to work with Code666 records and ’Irreversible Decaywas released on March 4th 2011. It was extremely well received by the international press, especially for a formerly unknown band’s debut album.

An official videoclip for the track ‘Plaigh Allais’ was released in March 2011.

Live 2011-2012

During the recordings, the idea of bringing Saille on stage grew. With the addition of Didier Vancampo [bass] and Yves Callaert [guitar], a complete live-band was formed and several shows followed. Saille’s very first gig took place in January 2011. Thanks to good reviews and a solid live-reputation, Saille played amongst acts as Melechesh, Izegrim, Gorath and more. In November 2011, Jonathan Vanderwal [vocals] decided to leave Saille, since he felt no longer comfortable being the band’s frontman. He was immediately replaced by Dennie Grondelaers.

The live-shows of the first album were concluded with a spot on Belgium’s biggest metalfest Graspop Metal Meeting 2012. Another highlight was their appearance on Eindhoven Metal Meeting [The Netherlands] at the end of the same year.

‘Ritu’ °2013

In July 2012 the band hit the studio again to record their second album entitled ‘Ritu’. It also sets the return of Jonathan Vanderwal, as a guitarist this time, to replace Yves Callaert, who left the band just before the recordings started. With lyrics inspired by death rites in ancient cultures, combined with new vocalist Dennie Grondelaers’ interest for H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu, the next album had a much darker setting. Again classical skilled guest musicians were invited to create the irreplaceable real sounds: flugelhörn, cello, violin, théremin, tuba, trombone and much more.

After two months of intensive recording sessions, the final mix was finished in September and sent to the Norwegian mastering specialist Tom Kvålsvoll (Strype Audio). Known for mastering black metal classics Mayhem, Emperor, Arcturus, Limbonic Art, Ulver, Vreid and many others. On January 18th 2013 ‘Ritu’ saw the light of day as a digipak.

An official videoclip for the track ‘Blood Libel’ was released in June 2013.

Live 2013-2014

After the release of the 2nd album, Saille faced an intensive year. They embarked on their first tour in January 2013, with Transylvanian black metal legends Negura Bunget. Followed by more gigs in Belgium and the Netherlands, supporting bands like Textures, Von, Winterfylleth, In-Quest and The Monolith Death Cult. During summer, Saille was invited to perform on several festivals like AMF (with Napalm Death), Vlamrock (with Exhumed, Belphegor, Rotting Christ) and Metal Méan (with Marduk, Dying Fetus).
In September, Saille went to the UK for some gigs as support to Winterfylleth, a British band they consider as friends since they first met on Graspop 2012. In the same month Saille introduced Kevin De Leener as their new and permanent drummer. The band released another official video, a live recording of the track ‘Tephra’ (captured at Metal Méan) in November 2013 and went to Denmark for the first time for a headlining position on Black Winter Fest, Copenhagen.

Still playing gigs in 2014, Saille prepared the third album. Like the year before, performing on many stages in Belgium and The Netherlands, but in April they set foot on English soil again, this time sharing stages with Ethereal (UK). Other mentionable gigs were the very successful Tongeren Metal Fest (with Asphyx, Angel Witch), a show supporting Carach Angren (NL) and last, but most definitely not least the honour of playing in the ‘Ancienne Belgique’, Belgium’s nicest venue, sharing the stage with Merrimack and (The True) Mayhem. Eventually, in July, Saille played in Germany for the first time.

‘Eldritch’ °2014

In May the recordings commenced in different studio’s for a different approach. Again classical instruments were added.
Mixing and mastering was done by Klas Blomgren from Sweden (known for his work for Svart’s last cd).
The street date is set for November 10th, again released by Code666.


The Saille logo was designed by Wim Coene @


Shows near you



Moonspell, Septic Flesh & Saille12/03/1520:00NijmegenNLBuy Tickets
BMU Extreme Edition21/03/1520:00PeerBEBuy Tickets
Desertfest26/04/1520:00LondonUKBuy Tickets
Headbanger's Balls Fest16/05/1520:00KachtemBEBuy Tickets
Negura Bunget Tour17/05/1520:00ParisFRBuy Tickets
Negura Bunget Tour18/05/1520:00ReimsFRBuy Tickets
Negura Bunget Tour19/05/1520:00LorientFRBuy Tickets
Negura Bunget Tour21/05/1520:00Joué-Lés-ToursFRBuy Tickets
Negura Bunget Tour22/05/1520:00Décines-CharpieuFRBuy Tickets
Negura Bunget Tour23/05/1520:00BarcelonaES
Negura Bunget Tour24/05/1520:00MontpellierFR
Bloodstock Festival09/08/1520:00Walton on TrentUKBuy Tickets
Headbangers Desaster Open Air29/08/1520:00SubenATBuy Tickets


Eindhoven Metal Meeting12/12/1420:00EindhovenNL
1349, Atena & Saille16/11/1420:00VosselaarBE
Eldritch Release Show - Winterfylleth, Saille & Sardonis10/11/1420:00BredeneBE
Winterfylleth, Saille & more09/11/1420:00AmstelveenNL
Black Deathstiny - Winterfylleth, Saille & more07/11/1420:00BlegnyBE
Kashfest V06/09/1420:00OostburgNL
Black Way Open Air12/07/1420:00Neuendorf bei ElmshornDE
Mayhem, Merrimack & Saille20/05/1420:00BrusselsBE
Carach Angren & Saille26/04/1420:00HelmondNL
Saille, Ethereal & Vehement 19/04/1420:00LondonUK
Saille, Ethereal & Forneus18/04/1420:00LiverpoolUK
Tongeren Metal fest12/04/1420:00TongerenBE
Cannibalfest II22/03/1420:00OostendeBE
Wolfstijd II08/02/1420:00DordrechtNL
Black Winter Fest29/11/1320:00CopenhagenDK
Metal Against Child Cancer02/11/1320:00DeerlijkBE
Xtrem Wolf Fest II28/09/1322:00La LouvièreBE
Bombardement Fest VI21/09/1301:00LeopoldsburgBE
Bridge to Darkness Fest15/09/1320:00LondonUK
Winterfylleth, Saille, Acolyte & Ninkharsag14/09/1321:00LeedsUK
Winterfylleth, Saille & Hordes13/09/1321:00BirminghamUK
Metal Méan 17/08/1320:00MéanBE
Saille & Beneath Contempt14/08/1320:00WervikBE
Antwerp Metal Fest13/07/1320:00MerksemBE
Von & Saille20/06/1320:00RotterdamNL
Belgium Metal Invasion25/05/1301:00Bergen op ZoomNL
Sonisphere Festival11/05/1320:00ArlonBE
Kabaal am Gemaal05/05/1301:00WageningenNL
Gorath's last show27/04/1320:00StalBE
Huginns Awakening Fest06/04/1320:00OostendeBE
Winterfylleth & Saille05/04/1320:00HasseltBE
Metal Eve23/02/1320:00MorkhovenBE
Metal Battle - Special Act26/01/1320:00HoogeveenNL
7 Rituals of Death tour - Negura Bunget, Saille & more21/01/1320:00LeeuwardenNL
7 Rituals of Death tour - Negura Bunget, Saille & more20/01/1320:00NijmegenNL
7 Rituals of Death tour - Negura Bunget, Saille & more19/01/1320:00OostendeBE
7 Rituals of Death tour - Negura Bunget, Saille & more18/01/1320:00LiegeBE
Dark Intensions22/12/1220:00ArnhemNL
Eindhoven Metal Meeting14/12/1220:00EindhovenNL
Metal Festival24/11/1220:00HuyBE
Metal in Flanders10/11/1220:00OudenaardeBE
Saille, Predatoria, Necrosis03/11/1220:00TongerenBE
Eierfest 25/08/1220:00MaldegemBE
Graspop Metal Meeting 22/06/1201:00 DesselBE
Herfst, Saille, Corpus19/05/1220:00HasseltBE
Os Moe is True VI12/05/1220:00AarschotBE
Saille, Corpus, Akem Manah14/04/1220:00AalstBE
Black Easter08/04/1220:00TerneuzenNL
Black Alliance 06/04/1220:00EindhovenNL
Frostbite Festival III25/02/1220:00LeuvenBE
Saille, Natan, Mysanthropia25/11/1120:00TilburgNL
La Date Sombre12/11/1120:00LiègeBE
Black Magic07/08/1118:30VosselaarBE
Vlamrock 23/07/1120:00AsBE
Svartfest II28/05/1120:00OostendeBE
Thurisaz Release Show21/05/1120:00KuurneBE
Nepherex Fest V23/04/1120:00DendermondeBE
Saille 22/04/1120:00AntwerpenBE
No Nonsense Fest19/03/1119:00HeistBE
Gorath, Saille29/01/1120:30OostendeBE

Pictures and videos




Saille - promopic2Saille - promopic1


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