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Saille is looking for shows !



We offer a 50 minutes show of symphonic black metal brought by six skilled musicians.
Our first album “Irreversible Decay” is out March 4th 2011, read the reviews here.
Below you can watch an example of Saille on stage :

[youtube id=”FkSvZXxUd04″]

Official videoclip of our song “Plaigh Allais”

[youtube id=”IbSAIqnJtNk”]


– Saille can create your high quality artwork for the gigposters for free (click for example)
– We make promotion on our website, Facebook, Myspace,
– We are active on more than one hundred internet forums and will update our topics with your gig information


– PA sound system (click for our rider with stage setup)
– Stage measurements sufficient for six people plus gear
– Small area where we can sell our merchandise and cd’s
– If possible a drum and cabinet backline (see rider)
– If possible (depending on the distance) some food / drinks


Price for a Saille gig depends on the distance of the venue (the further the venue, the higher the fuel expenses) and the amount of times we played in the region of the gig the last year (the more we play in the same area, the less merchandise we sell).
Contact us at for your price for a Saille gig.


Saille can contact other quality metal bands for you in a genre of your choice to form a package.
When booking a package, we again provide poster artwork and arrange all practical things (we drive together with the other bands, share equipment etc.) for you.
We can offer packages with :
– Herfst (melodic death metal –
– Natan (pagan black metal –
– …
Drop us a line at for your package price.
For gigs outside Belgium contact


Saille rider with stage setup
Saille logo (psd format)