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‘Blood Libel’ videoclip released

With pride we present the video for our song ‘Blood Libel’ – first track on our latest album ‘Ritu‘.

[youtube width=650 ratio=16:9]4NPZz1V6uT4[/youtube]

The video was directed by Nicolas Daenens, who previously worked with the band on the “Plaigh Allais” video two years earlier.
The video was shot in the region known as “Meetjesland” in Belgium, both in the woods and in an abandoned church.

A synopsis of the “Blood Libel” by our frontman Dennie Grondelaers :

The video of “Blood Libel” is a somewhat liberal interpretation of the track on our latest album. It tells the story of William of Norwich, a young kid from the 12th century (°1132 – †1144) that was found murdered in cold blood.
A murder for which the Jews were falsely accused.