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Great live shows coming up

After a short break, we’re ready to hit the stages again. We’re looking forward to these shows :

March 26th – Veneration of the Dead festival in Rotterdam (NL)
with Dodheimsgard, Sear Bliss, Negura Bunget, Glorior Belli, Cultus, The Spirit Cabinet, Standvast, Blackdeath, Absolutus and Orewoet

March 27th – Dark Easter Metal Meeting in München (DE)
with My Dying Bride, Rotting Christ, God Dethroned, Dornenreich, Bölzer, Mgla, Ereb Altor, Root, Sear Bliss, The Vision Bleak, Ophis, Outre, Velnias, Aethernaeum, Commander and Ewigeis

April 6th – Ragnarök Festival in Lichtenfels (DE)
with Todtgelichter, Ensiferum, Marduk, Eis, Thyrfing, Lantlôs, Eluveite, Manegarm, Nocte Obducta, Skyforger, The Vision Bleak, Wolfchant, Gernotshagen, Thrudvangar, Minas Morgul, Ereb Altor, Welicoruss, Vargsheim and others.