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Drummer Kevin De Leener leaves Saille

After the great tour we did, we knew it would have a bitter ending. At the very beginning of this year Kevin told us about his plan and it was quite a shocker. We put a date on it and it was ‘after the tour’, which at that point still was months away. Unfortunately that day has come and it hurts. Not only because Kevin has proven to be one of the best skinbeaters we have in this small country, he is also a great person! Always dedicated, working hard and doing his utmost. We could count on him, even when the shit hit the fan he still did his thing. On top of that and perhaps even more important than all the above: a good friend for many, many years and with a heart for music, drumming and cats. This is not an obituary; he is still pretty much alive and we will keep in contact. Below you can read his personal statement and within a few days we will introduce his successor properly. A million thanks to Kevin and nothing but good wishes for the future. We love you, man!

Kevin wrote this in his own words: “It is with deep regret that I have to announce I’m leaving Saille. When Reinier gave me the opportunity to help them out as a session drummer more than 4 years ago, I grasped it with both hands. And what a ride it has been. 70 shows and 2 full albums later I’m forced to quit, because my wife and I are moving to the south of France. And since we’re going to live on the outskirts of a remote village, far away from highways and airports, it wouldn’t be feasible anymore to continue doing live shows on this level.

Will this mean I stop playing music? Most certainly not! I’m gonna build my recording studio again in France and continue my work as a session musician. When the right band wants to recruit me for live sessions I will also go on tour again. This is sadly the end of the Saille chapter for me, but the beginning of something new.

My deepest thanks goes out to my fellow band mates in Saille, both current and past members, and the entire crew for keeping up with my loud laughs and smelly farts in the tour vans. I am most greatfull to have been a part of this amazing journey and I hope I succeeded in helping get Saille to the higher level they’re at now. It is now up to my successor to make the most of it and have as much fun as I did along the way. All the best!”