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Albums – Eldritch


1. Emerald
2. Walpurgis
3. The Great God Pan
4. Aklo
5. Cold War
6. Eater of Worlds
7. Red Death
8. Dagon
9. Carcosa

Total playing length : 55:27
Release : November 10th, 2014
Recorded at Arcave, Tower, Shumcot Studio & Record Office, Belgium
Mixed & mastered by Klas Blomgren

Recording Line-up

Dennie Grondelaers: Vocals
Reinier Schenk: Guitar & Bass
Jonathan Vanderwal: Guitar & Vocals
Dries Gaerdelen: Keys, Piano & Vocals
Kevin De Leener: Drums

Vincent Werbrouck: Cello
Sarah Vlerick: Violin
Ruben Raveel: Trumpet
Dimitri Simoens: Hobo
Niki Dierickx & Petra Gryson: Vocals
Simon Lucas & Chris Naughton: Spoken word


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