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Albums – Ritu


1. Blood Libel
2. Subcutaneous Terror
3. Fhtagn
4. Upon the Idol of Crona
5. Sati
6. A Titan’s Sacrifice
7. Haunter of the Dark
8. Runaljod
9. Ritual Descent

Total playing length : 47:27
Release : January 18th, 2013
Recorded & mixed between July 2012 and August 2012 in Shumcot Studio by Reinier Schenk
Mastered in October 2012 at Strype Audio by Tom Kvalsvoll

Recording line-up

Dennie Grondelaers : Screams
Jonathan Vanderwal: Guitars
Reinier Schenk: Guitars
Didier Vancampo : Bass
Dries Gaerdelen: Keys,Theremin & Vocals
Gert Monden: Drums
Mathias Brys: Violin
Vincent Werbrouck: Cello
Siebe De Roo: Flugelhorn
Peter Bonamie : Tuba
Patrick Van de Kerckhove : Trombone


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