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Before the Crawling Chaos

Frightful soul and messenger of infinity’s Other Gods.

I stand before you, o crawling chaos, Nyarlathotep!

Three times dreamt, three times snatched away.

Afterwards denied every sight of this majestic sunset city.

It was then that I decided on this journey to unknown Kadath, in the cold waste, where earth’s gods live, to beseech them in person, knowledge of this visage.

First 70 steps, then tenfold more, to the gates of deeper slumber.

Through the Enchanted Wood to Ulthar, where they whisper about those who dared to harm the feline race.

I have sought the advice of the wise Atal and only managed to pry loose his secrets after weakening his mind by draughts of moon-vine.

He told me of places where the Elder Gods dance their feverdance in the moonlight, and how they espoused the daughters of men.

Search for mortals with Ngranek’s carven features and you’ll know you’re near Kadath.

I traveled to Dylath-Leen, fell victim to turbaned half-demons, slaves themselves to the moon-beasts.

Upon escaping I found my way to the carvings on Ngranek’s slope, and decided Celephaïs as my next point of interest, had I not been snatched away by Noden’s servant and left to die in the Vale of Pnath.

In this underworld, filled with friend and foe I defied gug and ghast.

Waged war more than once and just nearly avoided horror at Leng’s Monastery with its dreaded high priest.

When finally I gathered the allies for the final journey, to Kadath and its blackened towers of daemon light, where the stars shine spectrally above.

And now I stand before you, o crawling chaos,