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Lyrics- Aklo

It was revealed to me, in darkest of nights, amidst the filth,
the heirs to the mongrels that once crowded these streets.
At the Red Hook, where the stench of murder still reeks,
of infants young; mere lambs for the slaughter.
I’ve been shown, been told, been made to feel the Ur-Syntax.
The glory of AKLO.
This knowledge mends and shatters my brain.
Pure clarity! Fhtagn no longer!
“It’s the end and the beginning. He’s beneath the waters now,
but soon, in (only) a few months, he will come forth.
…and until then he sleeps.
…and until then he sleeps and dreams.”
I too have been shown it’s ways, in a city so old,
guided by the crawling chaos.
He showed me the error that one finds in interpretation
and the terror that lies ahead.
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
I’ve been shown the nature of (the) seed inside this womb
and the future of ill-fated mankind.
Of aeons that are yet to come. The time is nigh.
How strange those times will be!