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Lyrics – Blood Libel

“He entered one of their houses
And hasn’t been seen since!
We must not rest until we know
what happened to young William!
Grab your torches
and follow me!”

“We’ve found him sir” (in a nameless grave)
“He has been slaughtered”

A martyr by force
Victim of a violent death
A sacrifice
To Adonai

Who killed my son ?
Another God sir
Where has he gone ?
Must be to heaven
Then his followers shall bleed

If the place which the LORD thy
GOD hath chosen to take a life
once every lifetime is near thee
then thou shalt kill those who
worship false gods which the LORD
hath given thee as I have commanded thee
and thou shalt take in thy Gates
whatsoever thy soul lusteth after

I despise their kin
‘t was so throughout history
Can we make their blood flow?
We have our ways
The Norwich blood libel

Blood Libel

An eye for an eye
as written in their scriptures
My wounds won’t heal
but neither will theirs


Blood Libel