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Lyrics – Blôt

Born out of envy, a quest to the Well of Urd, to outshine the power of the Norns and gather the knowledge of the runes.

It was there that I hung on a windy tree for nine long nights, wounded by a spear, given to Odin myself to myself, on that tree of which no man knows from where its roots run.

A god unto a god, an ultimate ordeal and a semi death.

Further tales speak of Mimir’s well, where I asked for a drink in exchange for an eye.

Trading one form of perception for another and thereby to forever be known as one-eyed.

But no sacrifice can be too big.

Through this I gained cosmic knowledge, what has come to pass, and what is yet to be.

Foreknowledge of loss and pain.

And the promise of a hunt, when the Twilight of the Gods at last arrives!