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Lyrics – Dagon

I’a Dagon! I’al sacred Mother Hydra!
The time has come for me to take the secret oaths!
A first oath of faith, a second oath of servitude,
a third oath of procreation. Our bloodlines, forever mingled.
And I shall gladly rid myself of my human shell.
A first oath of secrecy, a second oath confirms my subjugation,
a final oath promises the continuation of your bloodline.
In thy name let us behold,
the father who inhabits the depths beyond the Devil’s Reef!
Depths that I’ve haunted in feverish dreams.
Hail to the ancient dreams!
The Esoteric Order of Dagon, the only way to enlightenment.
Through it I discovered past, present, future
and the fate of mankind.
Not a fate that will be fulfilled on land.
The true evolution lies under the waves.
In thy name let us behold the father.
From the depths of the water I come
and from the depths
the Deep ones also have come!
Hail to the ancient dreams! Hail to Dagon!
Through black abysses, to Cyclopean
and many-columned Y’ha-nthlei.
…and in the lair of the deep ones we’ll dwell,
amidst wonder and glory forever!