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Lyrics – Pandaemonium Gathers

Dwellers of Tartarus, you, whose names have been blotted out in the books of life.

Great has been our defeat, long was our fall, and terrible shall be our revenge.

But it seems to me that you’ve given up on dominion over heaven.

Have your spirits truly been broken by the merciless lash of his red right hand?

‘Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven’, so you say.

As if those are the only possible paths.

Surely you have heard of this prophecy, of a new creature that is of equal value as the angels to Him?

Pure and untouched, ignorant and blissful.

Could we orchestrate its fall as He did ours?

Could we lift the veil before its eyes and make them see sinful truth?

No quest more noble could there be at this point.

“O thou, that, with surpassing glory crowned,
Lookest from thy sole dominion like the God
Of this new world; at whose sight all the stars
Hide their diminished heads; to thee I call,
But with no friendly voice, and add thy name,
Of Sun! to tell thee how I hate thy beams,
That bring to my remembrance from what state
I fell, how glorious once above thy sphere;
Till pride and worse ambition threw me down
Warring in Heaven against Heaven’s matchless King”

Swiftly shall I act, merciless shall I strike, I will make the heavens cry out for the Devil’s blood!