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Lyrics – Passages of the Nemesis

Fragments of seconds are eternal to last
No past – No present – No future

Time becomes an empty content
in a context none will understand

Like sparkles in a sea of fire
Awaiting for hope to pass by
Chances are it never will
And still we wait without result

Falling stars ablaze a trail
Out there, debris will rain
Marking a path of cosmic death

Crack, swish and hiss are introducing
physical vibrations and electromagnetic impulses

Passages of the solar companion star Nemesis
through the Oorth cometh cloud will trigger again
A grand impact – One massive collision

All leading to what happened sixty-six million years ago

A sudden drop of temperatures
An arctic era…
A glacial epoch is to come
Extinction becomes inevitable

Many are there sleeping in earth-crossing orbits
And it’s too late when they are seen…

Temperatures drop suddenly
Hypothermia shivers through
The inevitable is happening
Global extinction is next…

Lyrics by Filip