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Lyrics – Thou, my Maker

Do you remember your first impressions of this world? The fear? The confusion? The pain?

Of course you don’t, conventional birth shields man from these horrors, blissful amnesia.

If I only had that luxury, I wasn’t born a child, I didn’t forget.

Though beyond my understanding, I can remember every single detail.

And though this experience is not to be wished upon any living creature, it didn’t leave me bitter.

Time passed by and I grew adjusted to my surroundings, settled, started wondering about its beauty and even developed feelings of pure love.

And nothing was further from my mind than causing harm to any or all creation.

Alas, this was not meant to last, for my condition, forever a curse, shunned by your fellow man, directing their poisonous hatred towards me.

So I have learned to hate your kin as well. And you in particular, father, maker, devil!

I have learned of your doings, your graveyard shuffles which, though without malicious intend, has caused my entire existence to be no better than to be cast into a sea of fire.

But I find comfort in the knowledge that my suffering will not go unpunished.

You are my creator, but I am your master.