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Lyrics – Walpurgis

Will-o’-the wisp, don’t glad about.
On Brocken’s summit you’ll lead our way.
For I’m the master of this place and
I will blow your lantern out.
We’ll now attend Walpurgis night,
experience lust on a higher level.
We’ll mix with daughters of the devil,
depraved bodies of such delight.
And fire, such fire!
Its beauty unmatched.
A glorious prelude
to Satan’s arrival.
Dies Irae, dies illa. (Day of wrath and terror looming)
Solvet Saeclum in favilla. (Heaven and earth to ash consuming)
Judex ergo cum sedebit, (Then the judge will sit, revealing)
Quidquid latet adparebit, (every hidden thought and feeling)
Nil inultum remanebit. (Unto each requitel dealing…)
Quid sum miser tunc dicturus? (What shall wretched I be crying.)
Quem patronum rogaturus? (To what friend for succour flying,)
Cum vix justus sit securus. (when the just in fear are sighing?)
He speaks in tongues and yet they understand.
Of he-goats and she-goats, of phallus and cunts.
They bow at his altar, give ear to his words and kiss his backside.
Vassals: good and true.
“I don’t know what they’re stewing and brewing.
A witches’ coven. Ride on! Ride on!”
Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam!